"Catch the trade winds in your sails! Explore. Dream. Discover." (Mark Twain)

With more coastline than any other Mediterranean country, Turkey is considered to be the rising star among the yacht charter destinations of Europe. Hundreds of wonderful coves and bays and endless possibilities to explore history and culture, Turkey has an undeniable charm and intrigue.

The "Blue Cruise" or "Blue Voyage" is the most authentic way to spend your holidays in Turkey. It is the pleasure, joy and excitement of sailing a traditional, graceful wooden yacht in a unique experience. The Turkish motor-sailers called “gulets” are specially designed to offer an ultimate comfort and luxury as well as delightful sailing experience. Sail with us along the historic shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean in the discovery of the oasis of natural beauty and history, relax in the splendor of blue sea and savor an excellent fresh cuisine.


Crewed yacht charter (or Private Yacht Charter) is the hire of a complete yacht, with captain and crew, for a specific period of time and it offers all the benefits and facilities of a floating villa enabling you to explore a variety of exciting destinations in total luxury, comfort and privacy. As a guest on a crewed yacht charter you’re able to customize every aspect of your yachting vacation making it a true seven-star experience.


Whether you prefer the traditional elegance of a classic sailing yacht or the most modern of high-performance motor yachts, our portfolio covers the full spectrum. We will help you navigate the world of choices available and we’ll work with you to create a charter vacation that suits your exact taste and budget. The flexibility and privacy of a yacht is the ultimate extravagance. From the time you arrive at the airport until the last moment of your holiday, our staff on land and our crew on board will be working to make sure your holiday experience is just the way you desire it to be.

The capable, cordial and hospitable crew will offer you top-class services and will take special care to never disturb your privacy. Your captain will suggest an itinerary, but you’re not locked into any program. If you find the perfect spot, opt to linger longer! The cook will prepare excellent food, chosen from the delicious Turkish and International cuisine in accordance with your wishes. The crystal clear water makes it ideal for swimming, enjoying water sports and exploring marine world. You can either relax in your bathing suit all day long, enjoy the good food and the sun or you can experience more exciting activities like diving colorful reefs, snorkeling, water ski, wind surf or fishing. You can also walk down the passage of time and discover the legacy of ancient civilizations, witness breathtaking architecture set against dazzling landscapes, visit archeological sites on the coast and inner land or idyllic small fishing villages.
We'll arrange unique experiences for you!


Why choose to charter a private gulet on Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coast? The reason is not so much the sailing itself, which after all, can be enjoyed in many places, but what happens after the anchor is dropped: the secluded bays, intimate villages and spectacular historical sites that abound all along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast and that make a waterborne yachting holiday to Turkey something special. The ideal climate, inviting waters and vast numbers of pristine harbors, bays and beaches, combined with the special sights, charms and hospitality that is modern Turkey make the Turkish coast and nearby Greek Dodecanese Islands among the most attractive charter areas in the world and have created a special name for this boating paradise, the Turquoise coast.


Originated in Bodrum in the late 1950's, the gulet holidays known as ”Blue Voyages” or ”Blue Cruises” started from the time that political writer Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli was exiled erroneously in the peninsula. The judges who sentenced Cevat Sakir to a number of years in the remote port, knew nothing of local life, which as Sakir discovered, was a Paradise. He settled down and found himself in a heaven of natural beauties and archaeological riches and started writing stories about the town and its locals. On his regular outings with fishermen, he gradually got to know the various coves and wonderful bays near Bodrum. When visiting intellectuals and artists from Istanbul dropped in, he took the opportunity to introduce them to the fishermen’s way of life. Sakir's boat tours became very famous and were given the name "Blue Cruise" ("Mavi Yolculuk" - as it is called in Turkish).


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