Gulf of Hisaronu

Boarding starts at 3:30 p.m. in Bodrum Port. Early arriving guests can leave their luggage to our office. First day, our boat will be anchored at Bodrum Port for dinner and overnight. Bodrum has a history that goes back to the 12 th century B.C. The city which was called ' Halicarnassus' was the birthplace of Herodotus; the ' Father of History' who lived in the 5th century B.C. Also the 'Mausoleum' of King Mausolus (350 B.C.) which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is in this city. The only structure that survived from the Classical Era is the Amphitheatre. It is one of the oldest theatres in Anatolia with a capacity of 13.000 guests, and is still hosting many shows and concerts nowadays. Another place that you should visit here is the landmark of the city, the Castle of Saint Peter. It is one of the best preserved castles whose history goes back to the Middle Ages. 'Myndos Gate' that gave Alexander the Great some sleepless nights before he entered Halicarnassus is another place that you should not miss.

Day 2: CNIDUS (KNIDOS) – Datça

We will sail to Cnidus after breakfast. Cnidus was a developed city in science, art and architecture. Eudoxos, a very popular astronomer and maths professor; Dr. Euryphon; Skopas and Bryaksis of Faros, the most famous sculptors of the era; Sostrates, the architect of Alexandrian light house, one of the seven wonders of the World. Dr. Euryphon and his students founded the second largest medical sciences school in Cnidus.The island also homes the largest sun clock of its time which was erected by Eudoksos. Knidos was the home for Aphrodite's monument and temple.


After breakfast the first stop is Aktur. Right after serving lunch we will go on to sail to the northern side of the gulf. Our first stop will Bencik Bay; which has a very narrow entrance but a unique view when you get inside. Bencik is located at the narrowest part of the peninsula that divides Hisaronu Gulf from the Gokova Gulf. In 550s B.C. the Cnidus people wanted to dig a tunnel here as a defense line against the Persians. The dinner and overnight will be in beautiful Bencik Bay.

Day 4: Orhaniye - Selimiye

On this day we'll go deep into Hisarönü Gulf and anchor for lunch in Selimiye Bay or Orhaniye Bay. Behind the village there is an ancient acropolis, crowned by the ruins of a medieval castle. In this bay you will realize a unique movement by the sea-water coming up and down and called as 'kiz kumu' (girl's sand). There are so many myths told about this reddish sandy way going from the shore to the inner parts of the sea. In the bay there is a small island where you can see the ruins of an antique castle.

Day 5: Dirsekbükü - Bozburun

After docking in Dirsekbükü, we will go to Bozburun, a small fishing town. This area was popular for sponge-diving but nowadays locals here earn their living in a much less dangerous way by building the typical broad-beamed wooden boats called "Gullets".

Day 6: Palamutbükü - Cnidus

After breakfast we will set sail for Palamutbükü. We will sail to Cnidus after lunch. Cnidus can be considered as the point which separates the Aegean from the Mediterranean coast of Turkey so on the way back you can take the otherside of the cape.

Day 7: Akvaryum - Bodrum

We will depature to Akvaryum bay after breakfast, for lunch. Then our boat will be sailing back to Bodrum Port for the last day's dinner and overnight stay.


The guests will leave the boat with precious memories by 10:30 after breakfast.

Note: Depending on sea and weather conditions, the skipper reserves the right to make necessary changes in the tour program to ensure the safety and comfort of its guests.