BODRUM - ANTALYA (14 days)

Bodrum Antalya

Arrival & overnight in the Bodrum harbour.

Day 2: Cnidus - Palamut Bay

Cruise to Cnidus harbour to see its many ancient theatres and temples. Overnight at Palamut bay.

Day 3: Bozukkale

Cruise from Palamut to Bozukkale (The antique Loryma) Swimming, snorkelling and overnight in the bay of Bozukkale with its Roman fortress.

Day 4: Marmaris - Cennet Bay

Bozukkale to Marmaris. Sail to the bay of Cennet for a swim and in the afternoon depart for Marmaris where you can explore the old city and the marina.

Day 5: Ekincik

Marmaris to Ekincik Fabulous coastline. Optional excursion to the ancient city of Caunos & to Dalyan, home of the Loggerhead Turtle.

Day 6: Cleopatra's Island

Ekincik to Clepotra's Island. Cruise throught the unspolit. Gulf of Fethiye. Visit to Cleopatra's bay & overnight.

Day 7: Ölüdeniz - Gemiler Island

From Cleopatra's bay to Ölüdeniz. To bath in crystal-clear waters (conservation zone) before sailing to Gemiler Island.

Day 8: Kalkan

Ölüdeniz to Kalkan. A long to attractive harbour town of Kalkan, with its pleasant waterfront bars & restaurants. If required Patara, Letoon and Xanthos canbe visited.

Day 9: Kaş

Kalkan to Kaş. Cruise to charming Kaş. Visit the rock tombs and the Hellenistic theatre.

Day 10: Kekova - Üçağız

Kaş to Kekova. Sail to Kekova and the Karakol Island's calm & peaceful waters. Explore the castles before an overnight stay in Üçağız.

Day 11: Finike

Kekova to Finike. Ancient Phoenicus. A small commercial harbour lying in the corner of the Gulf of Finike. Overnight.

Day 12: Porto Genovese

Finike to Porto Genovese. The deserted bay is magnificent to bath in crystal clear waters. Overnight.

Day 13: Kemer - Antalya

Porto Genovese to Kemer - Antalya. Phaselis can be visited on the route. Antalya modern & big city is situated at the head of the large Gulf of the same name.

Day 14: Antalya

Disembarkation. We will leave the boat by 10:30 after breakfast.

Note: Depending on sea and weather conditions, the skipper reserves the right to make necessary changes in the tour program to ensure the safety and comfort of its guests.





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