Private yacht charter

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkish and the nearby Greek islands make perfect holiday cruising grounds for sea and sun lovers. You have the opportunity to visit some of the most exquisitely beautiful places in the world, many accessible only by sea; from the comfort of your own yacht explore the vast array of lovely bays, coves and magnificent sites of antiquity in Turkey and Greece.

We will arrange your yachting holiday in exact compliance with all your desires, preferences and choices: a cruise for you and your family, a business event or simply a getaway with friends. Our yachts are suitable for people of all ages, nationalities, including families with children, couples, singles and groups of friends. You can opt for private charter or cabin charter.

    Private charter
    : you may choose to hire your own gulet with a group of friends or families, colleagues or business partners. This is ideal on the occasion of a special celebration like honeymoon, birthdays or simply when you would like to have the yacht all to yourself. The boats are chartered with captain and crew. You will be charged on a daily rental basis regardless of the number of people who join your group. As you will have rented the whole yacht for your holiday, you will be able to decide on the gulet charter route and the dates of your trip yourselves

    Reasons to charter your own yacht:

    • Privacy - you are enjoying a holiday on board of a luxury yacht just with your family and friends
    • Away from the crowd, it's your own floating villa
    • Flexibility - selecting your general and daily itinerary in accordance with your preferences
    • You have a hospitable crew eager to pamper you and your friends
    • Exclusivity: the Islands, beaches or bays can be just yours
    • Enjoying water sports like snorkeling, swimming, water ski, wind surf and diving
    • Visiting archeological sites on the coast and inner land, which are close to the towns and villages, you would like to see.

You can always discover a new oasis of tranquility or a wonderful place to see the sunset. Dine on the boat, or on the shore and then let the sea invite you to sleep with the sound of the waves and the gentle rocking of the boat. Wake up with a wonderful sea view and enjoy swimming and snorkeling in one of the many bays and then discover all of the other hidden sides of Bodrum Peninsula.

Cabin charter

If you cannot get a group together so as to take your own yacht, you still have the opportunity to join one of our cabin charter voyages. Apart from private charters, we also offer voyages on a shared-yacht basis for individuals, couples and small groups. Cabin charter is ideal for singles or small groups not wishing to charter a full yacht.

Hire a cabin on the scheduled Blue Cruise and join the rest of the voyagers. Voyagers on these tours may be from a variety of countries, which only adds to the interest and entertainment. Meal times will provide you a good opportunity to know one another and you will find out that strangers who share just the love of the sea and the interest in nature and history quickly turn into friends.

Our Gulets generally motor from place to place, raising the sails only when the wind is favorable. The Capitan decides on departure times, excursion times and meal times according to the composition of the group and weather conditions. The captain has the right to alter the itinerary when necessary. With Turkey being the gateway to Asia, you will have the opportunity to experience its unique blend of nature, culture and delicious cuisine

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